New KVH® series of transparencies entitled “Hochleistungsbaustoffe für den Holzbau” (“High-performance building materials for timber construction purposes”)


The new series of transparencies entitled “Hochleistungsbaustoffe für den Holzbau” from Überwachungsgemeinschaft Konstruktionsvollholz e.V. (non-profit solid structural timber monitoring organization) provides detailed information on areas of application, engineering rules, agreements, preferred dimensions, a declaration of performance, and labelling relating to KVH® solid structural timber based on DIN EN 15497:2014 and laminated beams (Duobalken®, Triobalken®) based on DIN EN 14080:2013. With a clear-cut arrangement of content, neatly-arranged tables, briefly-worded texts, and eye-catching images, the new series of KVH® transparencies provides an exhaustive product overview on a technically high level.

Chapter 1 of the series of transparencies documents the benefits of using timber. Chapters two and three describe the engineering aspects of KVH® solid structural timber and laminated beams. Further important issues such as types of wood, drying wood, strength grading, adhesives, finger-jointing, building supervision and construction law are dealt with in Chapter four.

As of now, the new series of KVH® transparencies is available for downloading from this website, both in German and English. More information on KVH®, Duobalken® and Triobalken® can be obtained from Überwachungsgemeinschaft Konstruktionsvollholz e.V., Elfriede-Stremmel-Straße 69, D-42369 Wuppertal, Email: