Duobalken®/Triobalken® (Glued solid timber) - a further development for large cross-sections

Duobalken® and Triobalken® also called, glued solid timber are industrially manufactured products made of two to five planks or pieces of square-sawn timber which are glued together by their face sides with the fibres running parallel.

Laminated beams are manufactured according to DIN EN 14080: 2013; special cross-sections according to the German National Technical Approval Z 9.1-440. The terms laminated timber, laminated beams and glued timber should be avoided because of the possibility of confusion with other products.

The manufacturing process corresponds to that of glued-laminated timber, whereby larger individual cross-sections are glued together.

Thanks to the way in which they are manufactured, laminated beams offer outstanding dimensional stability and minimal splitting. The outstanding dimensional stability and low moisture content of laminated beams makes them particularly suitable for the construction of timber houses.