Available cross-sections and lengths

Cross-sections and delivery lengths

Duobalken® and Triobalken® are available with standard and system lengths of up to 13 metres. The preferred cross-sections can be found in the table below. Longer lengths (special lengths) are available on request.

Preferred cross-sections for spruce/fir (Si and NSi) and pine NSi

      Height (mm)100120140160180200220240
Width (mm)        
120 querschnitt_si querschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_si
140  querschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_si
160   querschnitt_si querschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_si
180    querschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_si
200     querschnitt_siquerschnitt_siquerschnitt_si
240       querschnitt_si

= NSi = Non-exposed areas = Si = Exposed areas

The direction of the glued joint (horizontal or vertical) is irrelevant for the load-bearing capacity. Unless the manufacturer declares different strengths in the direction of both axes, which is not done by now. If a particular direction is preferred for the glued joint, this must be specified when the order is placed. Preferred cross-sections for other wood species are available on request.

1) According to EN 14080 these cross sections are denominated as glulam, but typically they are subsumed as glued solid timber.