Advantages of Duobalken® and Triobalken® (Glued solid timber)

  • Cross-sections larger than with KVH® of up to 28/28 cm available
    Dimensionally stable because they are kiln-dried to a maximum of 15%, cut on a split-heart basis (free-of-heart on request) and glued
  • Fewer glued joints than glue-laminated timber (max. 2), and the glued joints are hardly visible
  • Two qualities available:
    - planed for exposed areas (Si)
    - leveled for non-exposed areas (NSi)
  • Greater rigidity than solid timber of the same strength class
  • Suitable for voluminous or high cross-sections with high requirements in terms of appearance
  • Resistant to insects thanks to kiln drying; preservative treatment can be dispensed with
  • Economical preferred cross-sections and lengths of up to 13 m available for immediate delivery from stock; longer lengths available on request