KVH® ranges and preferred cross-sections for spruce/fir NSi

KVH® structural timber is produced in preferred cross-sections as set out in the table below. Depending on the surface class, the timber is planed and chamfered, or levelled and chamfered. It can be supplied as standard lengths of up to 13 metres. Longer lengths (special lengths) are available on request.

Height (mm)

Width (mm)

100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240

-    No cross-sections with a width of more than 140mm are listed because of the technical drying process.
-    The table is by no means complete, as it is only meant to be an aid for estimating the number of different cross-sections.
-    Preferred cross-sections for other types of wood on request.
-    Preferred cross-sections in visible quality on request.