KVH® structural timber – a precision building material

KVH® structural timber is a building material with precisely defined product characteristics, which was developed specially to meet the high requirements of modern timber construction. KVH® is a kiln-dried, strength-graded, and in most cases finger-jointed timber product made of solid softwood. Thanks to the method of cutting used and the low moisture content of the material it has little propensity for cracking, is dimensionally stable and, subject to due observance of the rules relating to the structural protection of wood, can also be used without wood preservatives. KVH® is available for quick delivery in a wide range of preferred dimensions and wood types (spruce, fir, pine, larch or Douglas fir) with precisely defined surface finishes.

KVH® structural timber is subject to additional controls over and above the general building regulation requirements: the additional quality controls during production and the additional external inspections are carried out in accordance with the criteria set out in the agreements on KVH® structural timber.