Technical standards

The manufacture and use of Duobalken® and Triobalken® are subject to compliance with the following technical standards

  • EN 14080: 2013-08 Structural timber glue-laminated timber and laminated beams requirements acc. to:

  • EN 1912: 2013-10 Structural timber for load-bearing applications strength grading allocation of visual grades and timber types

  • DIN 4074-1: 2012-06 Grading of softwood timber by load capacity; part 1: Softwood sawn timber

  • Agreement between the Federation of German Carpenters (Bund Deutscher Zimmermeister) and Überwachungsgemeinschaft Konstruktionsvollholz e.V. on Duobalken® and Triobalken® (September 2015 version).