Production of KVH ®

In the production of KVH® only softwood of the highest quality is used for primary conversion to rough beams on state-of-the-art chipper and circular saw lines. The waste wood from the process, such as bark, chopped wood and chips, is completely used up in the generation of energy and in the production of paper and derived timber products.

After drying in fully automated, computer-controlled kilns, the timber is strength graded. Kiln drying is carried out at a temperature of T ≥ 55 °C over a period of more than 48 hours. Growth non-conformities which could reduce the strength of the product are cut out of the beams and the ends are then re-joined with finger-joints. This is an effective method for the resource-saving utilization of the wood, which also results in optimized wood characteristics. After the finger-jointing (this can be dispensed with on request, subject to length), the pieces of timber are cut to length and planed or levelled to an exact size. The products are cured and stored in air-conditioned warehouses to ensure that the timber is dry and dimensionally stable before it is delivered.

Every stage of production is subject to permanent quality controls (internal and external controls and inspections). The results of the controls and inspections are recorded and evaluated in order to guarantee a consistently high quality at all times.